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American Tour
Summer 2009

DUDES OF THE USA, We haven't seen many of you before! We live sheltered lives in New York City and although it's a melting pot or whatever, we want to meet the 'real America'. This is our first big tour - and thankfully one we can't be deported from. Our plan for the summer is to go across the country bringing 8-bit punk rock glory to all those who seek it. Joining us for the first half of the journey are our friends STARSCREAM - a two-piece, just-graduated-high-school hurricane of Game Boy and drums. On the second half of the tour, we will be accompanied live by the best visualists ever made: Paris Treantafeles and Outpt. Each show is guaranteed to be a sweaty mess of loud music, high energy, and good times. Come say hey. For all booking inquires, please contact